Alarm Systems

Better described as Intruder Detection Systems (IDS), our clients include simple home systems, high end integrated domestic systems, commercial, industrial, institutional, enterprise and government systems, all of which range from a small number of devices, to many thousands, all subject to need, level of risk, and cost. At Aotea Security, we believe there is no universal "best" security system for all applications and all system design should be based on a risk assessment to ensure that the solution is fit for purpose. A security system should be designed to protect and safeguard you, your family, your staff and your assets from those who pose a threat. Many different physical security devices and electronic surveillance systems are available and can be combined to form a security system which in itself should form part of your overall security plan.

Aotea Security also provides a comprehensive monitoring service with Web and Mobile App services to support you Intruder Detection System. We can also support IP and GSM monitoring services to help you transition away from traditional fixed lines.

Alarm Systems in New Zealand

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