Appliance Repairs

Finding an electrician to do repairs can sometimes be a daunting task. We are able to provide quotation service for all of your home appliance repair.

Call us for your:

  • Kitchen appliance toaster/microwave
  • Dishwasher / Starine Hobart
  • Home appliances
  • Commercial Appliances
  • Builder Tools – drills/drop saws
  • Test and tagging services

Appliance Repairs in New Zealand

Choose your closest Aotea Electric branch and contact our Registered Master Electricians for a Residential Appliance Repairs contractor in New Zealand, or use the button below for a general Appliance Repairs enquiry:

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Residential Appliance Repairs by Aotea Electrical Contractors in NZ contraption Repairs -  determination an lineman to do repairs can sometimes be a intimidating undertaking. We are able to supply number