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Aotea Servicing Canterbury Wins KNX Automation Award

May 29th 2016

Aotea Electric Servicing in Canterbury has won the coveted 2016 KNX Award for the Christchurch Art Gallery Lighting Automation Project.


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Project Brief
The Christchurch Art Gallery was opened on 10th May 2003 with an EBos automated lighting system. The EBos lighting
control visualisation was only available on a single server, installed in the basement. To change the scenes in the Art
Galleries for new exhibitions one person had to be in the basement changing settings, and another person on the end of a
two way radio, giving feedback to indicate which lights were on, off or the dimming levels.
In 2015, the EBos system was no longer supported, and upgrades or repairs to the existing system were not possible.
As the lighting of exhibitions, the auditorium and other public places are core to the Art Gallery’s function, the system
needed upgrading.
The new solution had to meet a budget, be adaptable and as there was limited access to ceiling and floor spaces, be able to
use existing control cabling.



The Christchurch Art Gallery was undergoing extensive earthquake and foundation repairs, restoring original lighting
functionality.Under Supervision from Andrew Payne along with Steve Millar and his team from Aotea Electric, who were already engaged as an Electrical contractor to test, repair and upgrade internal lighting systems,were also engaged to upgrade the lighting automation system.
The decision was made to implement KNX as the preferred solution to overcome the problems of a bespoke protocol
from one manufacturer KNX is a world-wide standard for Home and Building Control; it is future proof.
KNX products are made by more than 160 manufacturers, and products from different manufacturers can be combined,
and KNX products are of a high standard as all manufacturing members have to show compliance to ISO 9001.
There are more than 44,000 partners in more than 125 countries – people who know KNX
The KNX solution has been implemented over the existing EBos cabling, reducing time and cost to the project.
iRidium mobile is the visualisation software for KNX, that runs on iOS, Android, Windows, and Macs.
The iRidium mobile solution allows a staff member to adjust the lighting scenes on an iPad in the Gallery; it is now a
one-person job.
The same iRidium mobile solution will also be installed on PC’s in the building, giving staff control of the lighting and visual
feedback of the lights, from their desks.
Paul Acker and Darran Hinfelaar from Aotea Electric designed and implemented the KNX solution and have
implementing the iRidium mobile visualisation solution.