Aotea Security supports a wide range of Video Surveillance Solutions, as determined by specific client requirements and considering existing client infrastructure. The convergence of traditional CCTV with Information Technology has seen significant gains in features and new technology and Aotea specialise in identifying and harvesting those benefits in a manner which connects the two worlds effectively. We provide support systems for all video technologies from residential to enterprise scale and everything in between and consider need versus cost when proposing specific solutions. In addition to the core purposes of CCTV of real time monitoring and evidence gathering, the use of video analytics and other system intelligence features enable significant value adds which will complement your business environment.

Our design process considers the following criteria:

  • Regulatory Privacy and Environmental elements 
  • Network and Infrastructure Design 
  • Application and Network Engineering
  • IP Network Privacy & Security Hardening

CCTV is a real time business tool which provides real time benefits and genuine value for money. Advancements in CCTV technology have seen the greatest gains across all security technologies and provide direct and tangible benefits. Aotea Security (NZ) employs CCTV and networking specialists who will ensure that your solution will meet your needs and will complement your overall security plan

CCTV in New Zealand

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