Heat Pumps

Heat pumps cool in summer and heat in winter as we are told by the many installers and salesmen throughout the country. But do they really know what they are selling and is the heat pump the best fit for your purpose?

At Aotea Electric, we have an Air Conditioning team who really know their stuff. Not only do we provide a free heat pump quotation service, we install your air conditioning  and stand by the product and guarantee your system for 5 years. It is very important to make the right decision in an industry where there so many options as to what size heat pump, what brand or model, or who to get to install it?   We size the correct heat pump system for the room or office and provide the back-up service to give you, the customer, the peace of mind that you have made the right choice.





Heat Pumps in New Zealand

Choose your closest Aotea Electric branch and contact our Registered Master Electricians for a Residential Heat Pumps contractor in New Zealand, or use the button below for a general Heat Pumps enquiry:

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Residential Heat Pumps by Aotea Electrical Contractors in NZ heat energy pump -  heat energy pump cool in summertime and heat energy in wintertime as we are told by the many installers and salesmen thr